Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Myrtle Beach (long overdue)

Our little vacation kind of started as a dream. Jordan was going fishing in the U.P. with some guys from church, leaving Autumn and myself home alone. Jen, my friend who lives in Myrtle Beach, and I were chatting about the possibility of coming out and visiting her. Conversation with the hubby and cheap round trip tickets later... Autumn and I were on our way to Myrtle Beach!!!

Autumn did better than expected! It was just under a 2 hour plane ride. I was hoping that she would take a nap, however, she didn't. She was very interested in the people around her, especially the nice gentleman sitting next to me! I was planning on nursing her during the take-off and the landing. However, she was not interested what-so-ever. So I'm glad I brought a bottle along with me to help her ears. She didn't complain, what a trooper! Ended up only taking a half hour nap the day we arrived. Getting her to bed at her normal time was a different story ;-)

Autumn and I had a blast!!! It was really great getting to know Jen (other than just online) and watching our little girls play together. Leah wasn't so sure about Autumn, but eventually warmed up a little bit by the end of the week. We did lots of things together. Went to the aquarium, which is by far the best aquarium EVER! Did some outlet shopping... Did I mention that I had to bring an extra carry-on for the flight home? ;-) We mostly just stayed home and played with the girls, watched home movies and did laundry (haha). It was exactly what I needed!!! I learned a lot about eating healthier and even lost 5 lbs while I was there!! Thank you Jen for allowing us to stay with your family and entertaining us all week!!! You're amazing :-D

One of those days we ended up going to the beach (a must when you're in Myrtle Beach). Autumn sat down on the hard sand, ended up taking a mouth-full of it and wanted nothing to do the with sand anymore. She would shake her arms and start whining until I put her on my lap, then she was happy. Then I took her over to the ocean and let her feel it with her feet. It was so nice and warm! Yeah, Autumn didn't like that much either! I don't blame her... That's one huge bathtub ;-)

Autumn tried a lot of new foods. She loved yogurt, however, yogurt didn't love her... She ended up getting super gassy and waking up several hours in the night. Definitely discontinued that right away. Autumn even stood up for a few seconds by herself! I can't believe how fast she's growing up.

I'm pretty sure I covered everything. That's what I get for waiting to long to make a post! So enjoy some pictures from our wonderful vacation!

Playtime with Leah and Autumn.

Autumn looking at the sharks.

Having fun!

Our girls!!!

Such a goofy face (enjoying yogurt).

So happy in mommy's lap!

Touching the ocean for the first time.

Windy day, silly girls and several pictures later... This is the best we could get!

Matching outfits!

Autumn climbed up here all by herself!!!

Girls enjoying some "play food" together.

She loved these wooden toys!

Distracting Autumn on our way home from Myrtle Beach.

Our view the whole plane ride home.

Reminds me of a song... "How Great is OUR GOD!"

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